H2O - A Journey of Faith

H2O is an evocative, DVD-driven, group-oriented journey of faith. Hosted by Kyle Idleman, the 10 episodes of high-definition video are a new way to share your faith. It's an invitation to get together, enjoy a meal, watch a DVD, have a conversation, and end with an invitation to be transformed through the living water of Jesus Christ.

This is a resource which I cannot talk enough about. It is a great outreach tool for use in a small group setting. You watch a extremely compelling half hour session which pulls you into a story & then through guide books, have discussion regarding matters of faith. Each session tells a story while Kyle Idleman (of Southeast Christian Church) talks about faith & explaining the gospel message.

This is a small group study which even the least likely evangelist can use. There are guides & helps both through a leader's guide & a separate DVD. The format is simple enough to only need a facilitator for a group.

Using the metaphor of water throughout the series, H2O touches on separation from God, sin, phoniness within the church, the holy spirit & the community of believers.

Also within this is Storm, a set of 10 DVD's which answer some of the most pressing questions for seekers & new believers. In these, Mr. Idleman is shown in a cafe talking with a group of people. He spends about 20-30 minutes discussing such topics as prayer, suffering, questions about Jesus & questions about God. These are ideal to help people take that next step in faith, or to help believers answer questions their friends have as they share Christ with them.

This resource is one that you should definitely check out. It is well worth it. You can find out more information at the H2O website here.

Look for an interview in the next couple weeks with the creator of H2O on this site.

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