nice girls don't chnage the world

Lynne Hybels is tired of being nice. She has been a nice girl for most of her life. She was a very caring person, though in a passive sort of way. She was not the type to turn the world upside down.

Up through the age of 50, Ms. Hybels was busy serving, dutifully & nicely doing what she thought she was supposed to do & what others thought she should be doing. As a pastor’s wife, there are many, many people who have expectations of what you should be doing. From being at this ministry meeting to heading up that committee, to being the perfect model of a Christian, a wife & a mother.

But this built up & she could take it no longer. She was tired. Tired of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations & serving in areas she was not passionate about.

God gave her a passion to be a good woman, not a nice girl. A good woman lives passionately for God, serving in the ways God designs her, worshiping God in the manner which she was created.

This little book will help women free themselves from expectations placed upon them by others, but more importantly by themselves.

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--Reviewed by Kate Fann, Growth Group leader, Evergreen Community Church

Category: Social Justice

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