What is your church doing October 31st?
Get families to your church with a great outreach. Heroes Unmasked is an excellent opportunity to connect with new families in your community.

Heroes Unmasked is the All-New, All-Fun, No-Fear Bible Adventure! Heroes Unmasked resources provide an easy way for your church to attract your community to an outreach event where all ages discover friendship with God. It provides tools & programming that helps turn a typical fall festival event into a “wow!” experience that reinforces biblical values. Heroes Unmasked is a blast - anytime of the year!

- Easy to recruit and set up
- Connect with new kids and families
- Reach your community--and grow your ministry
- Take fun up a notch
- Engage participants in the message of God's love

When families come tot he event, they pose for a free souvenier photo. Everyone will want this memorable keepsake.

You write down their contact information do you can send them their photo later (and be sure to invite them to your church!)

They;ll launch into easy-to-do games that teach them about Bible Heroes. Children from preschool through elementary can take on Goliath & discover they can be heroes for God.

Hand out more than candy - give the gospel message! Kids take home Bible Hero trading cards, goody bags, & other prizes that reinforce God's Word.

After having a blast & learning more about being a hero for God, families will leave happy.

You'll send them a special reminder of their time at Heroes Unmasked - their souvenier photo. This is where you can invite them to your church.

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Find out more information here.

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