The Case for a Creator - DVD

This film version of the book with the same title explores the scientific evidence of creation & evolution. Lee Strobel tells his story of his faith in atheism by way of science & then that transformation of faith in Christ, also through science.

The main section of the film is an hour in length & goes through five areas of scientific evidence:
1. The Negative Evidence
2. The Evidence from Cosmology
3. The Evidence from Physics
4. The Evidence from Biological Machines
5. The Evidence from Biological Information

Mr. Strobel takes the viewer through his journey of collecting scientific evidence & in doing so, you meet various scientists, philosophers & scholars. They illustrate the evidence & how it objectively points toward intelligent design, & away from Darwin’s theory of evolution.

There are also bonus features which total 40 minutes in length. These are a mix of interview, video, on screen readings & teaching. They cover such topics as
- What is Intelligent Design?
- What is Neo-Darwinism?
- What is macro-evolution?
- What is the defining characteristic of Darwin’s theory?
- How did life begin?
- Intelligent Design Resources

How would you use this tool?
I guess that would depend. Personally, I would not show it to just anyone. It is very heavy scientifically & is most likely too academic for most people. I would say that this is definitely for an adult audience, unless you have a whiz kid who is interested. Even as a general study for adults, it may be a bit much.
Don’t get me wrong, it is a good resource, but I had a hard time thinking of a venue I would use it in. But that may just be in my situation. I don’t come into contact with many people who are struggling with the scientific evidence for faith. Many probably are, & this would be a great tool in that situation.

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