Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven But Nobody Wants to Die

Crowder & co-author Hogan observed that people in “the proximity of our affections” kept dying, with the first “antagonist” being cancer.

But then death came out of the blue, taking Kyle Lake, a young pastor & author, last October while he stood in a baptismal pool.

In Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven…, bluegrass music is chosen as the framework from which to discuss death & its impact. Bluegrass, with both suffering & hope in it, has a certain worldview, Crowder asserts, taking readers on a “philosophical journey to the center of the soul.”

Similar in style to Crowder’s Praise Habit, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven will attract the artist’s fans. Gen-X & -Y readers may appreciate the book’s quirky style & the IM messages sent between the authors interspersed throughout while gleaning from it what they have learned about one of life’s most difficult subjects.

Reveiwed by Christine D. Johnson, Christian Retailing Magazine.

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