The Relevant Nation

The Relevant Nation is a follow-up to The Revolution. It takes a look at 50 different artists, activists & thinkers who embody the message of The Revolution. Some of the profiled are people you have heard of, many are not (and a few have even been featured on this blog).

They represent churches, bands, NGO's, & publications. But this is much more than a book with small biographies on different people. The overwhelming feel of the book is that these people, who are letting God use them to change the world, are not doing anything that you & I couldn't do.

These are people who have felt the calling of God to do something for his Kingdom & have thrown caution to the wind. They embrace God as a risk-taker & let his glory show in their lives by their blind steps of faith into the darkness of the world.

One common theme that rings true for most, if not all, of the people featured within The Relevant Nation is that they are real, authentic people. They let their guard down to give glory to God for using such a broken vessel in such a mighty way. If anything epitomizes the future of the Church, it should be that quality.

One of the great benefits of this book is seeing all the different & unique ways that God is using to reach the world. From homeless ministries here in the US to digging wells in Africa, from filmmakers to metalsmiths. The great thing shown is that God has blessed each person with talents that they can use in their own way to serve & glorify him.

The overall theme here is not "Look at what I am doing", or even, "You need to join my cause." The message is simple - find the way God has designed you & use that serve him. Don't stand back hiding within the walls of the church, get out there & use what God has blessed you with. Here are examples of others doing that. Now you go & do likewise!

Look for an interview with the editor of this book on this site Friday.

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