what you didn't learn from your parents about christianity

I am a huge fan of Matthew Paul Turner. He is authentic, funny & has deep & important things to say. This is one of four books in the series "what you didn't learn from your parents about..." (sex; christianity; money; & politics). Could you really find four more contentious topics? It seems that everyone has an opinion about all of them! Well, so does Matthew Paul Turner.

This little book will have you laughing until your side splits, thinking about things in new & different ways & remembering people & things from Christianity past. (Spoiler alert - Matthew loves Sandi Patti, or at least did.)

From rating the movies Jesus "stars" in, to taking a look at the Nicene Creed, Mr. Turner challenges the reader, all the while making him/her laugh. This is a great read. If you don't believe me, take his word for it...

Check out this book and others in the series & as always, you can pick them up (as well as all of Mr. Turner's books) at NextStep for 20% off.

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