The Church Leader's Answer Book

The Church Leader's Answer Book bills itself as an informative, one-stop reference guide. And that is exactly what it is. Compiled by the editors of Christianity Today & filled with articles from pastors, leaders & other people in the trenches, this book does indeed answer most all the questions you will have. This is not a reference book for theology, but for all the other intricacies of ministry – some you learned about in seminary, some you just find out on Sunday morning before you start your service!

This book will cover what you need to know about volunteers, record keeping, construction, time management, conflict, insurance, grants, mentoring, web essentials, cleaning, furnishings, media & loads more.

Need to find a staff member or pastor? Want to know what your leadership style is? What zoning issues do you need to be aware of? Is your church a great place to work? Social Security – In or Out? Where do you find illustrations? Am I being renewed? These questions are covered.

Who speaks to these issues? Ministry veterans who have been there, done that, seen it all. Contributions come from experts like Jeff Hanna, a church safety consultant; Stephen Chawaga, an attorney; Lee Eclov, senior pastor; Len Sweet, professor, Bill Hybels, senior pastor; Bill Donahue, small groups pastor; Bruce Shelly, professor; Gordon MacDonald, editor of Leadership; Stuart Briscoe, pastor; Richard Foster, author; Nancy Beach, teaching pastor; M. Craig Barnes, professor; Rob Bell, pastor; and many others.

The Church Leader's Answer Book will equip and empower pastors, staff, and volunteeer church leaders to efficiently handle all the important day-to-day issues and free them to devote more time to the heart of their ministry.

You will find something in this book that you needed an answer to, & more than likely will find answers to questions you have not even asked (that may not be a selling point, though!). You can view the first chapter via a pdf file here.

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