The Dust Off Their Feet

The Dust Off Their Feet includes a retelling of the book of Acts by Brian McLaren & commentary about the oppression of the early church by professors & theologians such as David Capes, Robert Creech, Greg Garret, Andrew Jones, Tim Keel, Evan Lauer, Kerry Shook, & Chuck Smith Jr. Interspersed throughout the retelling of Acts, Chris Seay offers several commentary essays, intended to help the reader to grasp some of the underlying circumstances in the action.

The Dust Off Their Feet is the second Scripture project of The Voice. The Voice is created for & by a church in great transition. Ecclesia Bible Society is developing Scripture products that foster spiritual growth & theological exploration out of a heart for worship & mission. The Voice represents collaboration among scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, & other artists. The goal is to help believers experience the joy & wonder of God’s revelation.

“Chris Seay's vision for The Voice goes back 15 years to his early attempts to celebrate the beauty and truth of the biblical narrative. As western culture moved into what is now referred to as postmodernism, Chris struggled with a deep desire to preach the whole story of God. Much like the Hebrews at the time of the New Testament, emerging generations today connect with story rather than isolated facts. Too often, preaching is reduced to articulating truth statements somehow hidden in a complex, powerful, and redemptive story. Jesus taught through parables and metaphors; modern Christians have attempted to translate His teaching into a system of irrefutable fact statements and something seems to be getting lost in the translation.” – from

I enjoyed reading through The Dust Off Their Feet. From a purely storytelling perspective, the retelling of Acts is great. You are not going to do serious Bible study using the retelling, any more than you would with the NLT. I am for anything that gets Scripture into the hands & minds of people, & I think that this is a great tool for reaching a new generation with the Scriptures. The commentary in the second half of the book was quite interesting as well. It is broken up into two smaller sections itself – commentary on the church at the time of the happenings of Acts & the second speaks of how to approach the book of Acts in today’s context.

Overall, The Dust Off Their Feet is a good resource to be aware of & interact with. Pick up a copy here for 20% off.

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