The 24/7 Experience

In this seven episode DVD, you join a group of teenagers from all across the country come together & learn about some of the most amazing ministries & Christians making an impact in their community. Each episode, which has a Road Rules feel to it, takes the teens to a different part of the country & interviewing someone regarding their ministry.
The ministries & people that are chosen are fascinating programs & individuals that adults & teens alike should be familiar with.
Throughout the journey, the viewer learns about simplicity & poverty, justice, racial reconciliation, spiritual gifts, & mission. The people interviewed from the ministries show the teens what they do, include them in their ministry sometimes & overall teach them a new facet to their world & to their faith.
This is ideally for a high school group & includes a leader’s guide & discussion questions for each episode. Each episode is around 20 minutes long & is engaging & provocative.

You can pick up this study here for 20% off.

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