Africa Bible Commentary

The Africa Bible Commentary is a one-volume commentary of the entire Bible written entirely by African pastors & theologians. It was produced for African laity & pastors to have a commentary which speaks directly to cultural situations & issues facing Christians on the African continent. It is laid out in a paragraph-by paragraph style, looking at the sections as a whole. The scholars use African proverbs, metaphors & stories to make the text speak to the African believers in the villages & cities across the entire continent.

Scattered among the commentary are over 70 articles ranging from Debt, HIV/AIDS, Indigenous Missions, Leadership, War, Refugees, The Church & State, & Unity of Believers. The scholarship is quite sound & the articles are well-written by specialists & helpful in any cultural setting.

If this extraordinary volume was written by Africans, for Africans, how would it be useful to someone in the West, you may ask. In the Forward, John Stott mentions that he plans on using it “in order to gain African insights into the Word of God.” Also from the Forward, Dr. Robert Aboagye-Mensah says the commentary “will also be useful to Christians outside of the African continent who want to enrich their own understanding of the Bible by stepping outside their own culture & experience. In so doing, they will gain insights into their own culture as well.”

Specifically, this volume can be used for sermon preparation, to give global perspective, & to remind us of issues that the text addresses which, in our current cultural situation, we might not even think of. Another use would be for personal devotions. I spoke with one TEDS professor who was doing just that. He would read the commentary with the corresponding Scripture to gain insight. I am doing that myself & find the writing quite intriguing. I would recommend this work very much for every pastor’s library & to any person interested in gaining a global perspective on Scripture.

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