Faith in Action Study Bible

One of my favorite discoveries this past year was the World Vision Gift Catalog. I realized that I have much more than I possibly need and have started requesting items in this catalog in place of things for myself. You can send children to school for a year, give a family a goat and give a small business loan to a hardworking woman – all for $100 or less. Well, within this catalog I found the NIV Faith in Action Study Bible. My interest was immediately peaked. You, the giver can receive this Bible by donating $100 to the “Maximum Impact Fund”. This fund enables World Vision to answer specific, urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet.

Not only did I give this to myself for Christmas, I ordered in a few for NextStep. This Bible, which proceeds partially go to World Vision if bought through NextStep, is a fantastic piece of scholarship and a great combination of Biblical study and everyday outreach.

Each passage has study notes which both give you insight into the text “Then and There” as well as challenging thoughts and questions applying to “Here and Now”. Also interspersed throughout the pages are biographical sketches of various people (William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, etc), Charts (Nazarite Vows, Refugees Then & Now, TV Violence, etc), and snapshots of recent individuals and groups tying into the passage.

Other features this study Bible offers are
- reading tracks on topics such as courage, stewardship, pollution, and injustice
- study guides on those same topics offered in the reading tracks
- a concordance with 35,000 references
- full color guide to the world in the 21st century

This Bible is a great tool for shaping your mind to hear God’s heart for the poor, orphan and abused. Whether you read through the Bible & keep up with the study notes covering every passage, or choose reading paths which take you through the plans already alluded to, this Bible will guide you to a deeper understanding of God and his heart for the poor.

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