Becoming a Dad

I picked up this book because in a few short months, I am “Becoming a Dad”. This was not something that my wife & I were trying for & has taken us completely by surprise. So, I am trying to get my hands on some of the best books on the subject. For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me The Expectant Father. So far, these are the only two books I have looked at. The Expectant Father goes through each month of the pregnancy & shares what is happening with the baby’s development at that time, the range of emotions & physical changes your wife probably is going through each month and different aspects of pregnancy from a father’s perspective. It is a helpful book, but I found Becoming a Dad much more uplifting & helpful.

Becoming a Dad is written by Stephen James & David Thomas who have seven children between them. It would be helpful to fathers who are expecting their first or eighteenth child – or even not expecting at all, just a dad. The subtitle promotes it as a “Spiritual, Emotional and Practical Guide.” It definitely fits that bill. Each chapter walks the reader through those areas & helps you find your role as a father.

While having numerous tips, heads-ups & lists, the real value that I found was in the spiritual dimension of the book. Chapters cover a range of questions from “What if I Screw up Another Person’s Life?” to “Do I Want to Be a Father?” to “What if My Wife Loves the Baby More than Me?” The tone of these questions seem to imply a sense of being overwhelmed & even helpless, but they lead you into God’s design for biblical fatherhood & a strong dependence upon Him.

Over and over, the authors say that the key to being a great parent and father is to be a great husband and man of God. These are the first and vital things that need to be evident & in place as a father. They also say that “the secret to being a great father is being willing to learn from your children.”

This book is a great resource whether you are an expectant father or an empty-nest father. You can pick up a copy at for 20% off.

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