Top 10 Books of 2006 - Part 2

Here are the remaining books of the top books of 2006. Again, the by clicking on the picture, you will go to my review of the book & the title will take you to, where you can read more about them & purchase them.

5. Just Walk Across the Room. Evangelism has never been my strong suit. I tried to let the “gifted” people do that. But the Bible makes it clear that evangelism is the work of all Christians. Well, this book (& multi-media curriculum) helps ordinary people like me out in the realm of evangelism. The book boils down to two words. Build Relationships. As we live our lives with & in front of people, we listen to the Spirit’s prompting & let him give us the right words to say – in his timing, not ours. Sometimes, all it takes is for us to be that one “Christian friend” of a person & they can see how a Christian actually lives. Sometimes, we get to see them take the step of faith. Whatever your role in the process of faith, Mr. Hybels asks readers to just embrace that role & not do more or less than that. This is worthy of taking entire churches through!

4. Confessions of a Pastor. I knew that a book from Craig Groeschel needed to be on this list, the hard part was choosing which one! Chazown greatly guided my year & is a great book for finding ones God-given vision for life. I eventually went with Confessions, because authenticity is so greatly needed & so often lacking within our churches, let alone our leadership. Many times leaders are worried that they have to be the example so much that they forget that they are fallen & that people are not supposed to live up to our leaders standards, but Gods. Mr. Groeschel lays out insecurities, fears, and struggles which will make you laugh, but mostly empower readers to be honest & authentic.

3. Dissident Discipleship. David Augsburger is a professor from Fuller & is here writing about what he calls “tri-polar” spirituality. That is, a spirituality of self-surrender, love of God & love of neighbor. Many of us are bi-polar, but not truly tri-polar. Dr. Augsburger discusses 7practices of the tri-polar Christian. This book will challenge you on every page & will have you rethink your approach to discipleship. This is a phenomenal book & is a must read for 2007.

2. In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day. This book is a call to action. You will read In a Pit & pray for God to rock your world & give you a lion to chase. This is not a one time thing, either. It is a life-long calling that we are willing to risk anything & everything for God’s Kingdom. This book seeks to banish all prayers of asking God for the safe route & instead asking God for odds so outrageous, so outlandish, that if & when we accomplish them, there is no possible way of people even being able to give glory to anyone but God. I encourage you to read this book & let it shake off the passive tendencies, let it awaken you to risk huge for God.

1. The Revolution. This book is subtitled “A Field Manual for Changing your World.” It could very well be “A Field Guide for Changing You & Your World.” In this little book, Heather Zydek edits 12 different essays by leading spokespeople within their field regarding issues as broad & far-ranging as gang violence, sex trafficking & clean water. There are many, many ways people can make a difference in the world & make it a better place to live. This book educates the reader on twelve issues & guides you to get involved in the one(s) that God has given you a passion for. God is the God of the oppressed & there is much oppression occurring in our world today. This book will make you aware of that, help you to take next steps & give you ways to pray for what is going on. A necessary book for everyone.

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