Evil. Just what every small group wants to discuss around coffee, right? It may not be an easy subject to tackle, but is one that many people have an opinion about & one which can garner much discussion. This four session investigative study on evil is one that comes to a resolution which is biblical, and very doable - at least for those willing.

The sessions travel from a general overview of what evil actually is, to both Old Testament and New Testament perspectives on evil, to finally what can we do to counteract evil.

This is no light-hearted look at injustice. Dr. Wright delves into the Israeli-Arab conflicts, AIDS and genocide to name a few. One of the problems we have is more often than not, we look at evil as somewhere else, someone other. In this paradigm, we demonize people and can easily write them off. But, as the Bible teaches, we are all short of the glory of God. We are all capable of unspeakable evil, and equally capable of being harmed by unspeakable evil.

This is a study that would do equally well for committed believers as well as those who are seeking and have questions in this area. There is a group discussion guide which comes along with the study as well. The DVD is 50 minutes long and flows seamlessly enough to be watched in one sitting. This is a very good resource to help answer questions in this difficult area.

Of related interest would be N.T. Wright's Evil and the Justice of God.

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