Life On Loan

Life on Loan is a six week small group study which helps the participant look at every moment of their life as on loan from God. The authors hold that we are accountable to God for what we do with the time that we have been given. How have we spent that time? Have we served others & God, or have we served our own purposes?

This study is balanced with teaching from Rick Rusaw (Externally Focused Church) and real-life stories from people who have taken advantage of the opportunities God has given them.

What a concept. This is nothing new, but it is revolutionary. Western Christianity can lean very self-centered and inward focused. An important idea that this curriculum presents is that we are presented with many "intersections" not only in our lives, but in every day. Are we going to allow God to shift our focus off ourselves and onto himself & others, or are we going to walk around with blinders on, solely concerned with ourselves?

This is a very good study, and one that many Christians, myself included, need to hear. The teaching sums up what Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson are saying in their excellent book, Living a Life on Loan. If you are wanting to inspire people toward outreach and a deeper commitment to God, this would be a very good study to go through.

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