Sex God

This book came in about a week ago & a lady who works in NextStep store was having trouble figuring out how to categorize this book & where to put it. "I just don't like the title," she says. The title definitely makes you perk up. Sex God. God & Sex - do they really go together? Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church argues that fact. I feel that Mr. Bell is one of the greatest communicators I have ever come across. I have had the chance to hear him on a number of occasions & have read both his books. I found this latest release to be quite hard to put down.
Mr. Bell says that you cannot talk about sexuality without eventually discussing how we were made & therefore spirituality.
This book is filled with insight & new, fresh ways of looking at old, everyday things. I have heard no one delve into the historical meanings of Jewish customs behind the customs and language of the Scripture. As he connects ancient customs with the meaning that the original audience would associate with it, it truly comes alive as if you are hearing it for the first time again.
Mr. Bell interweaves current events with Scripture and this intended meaning for the original audience so seamlessly that it is really a pleasure to read.
The connections between spirituality and sexuality are inescapable. An obvious one is the fact that we all reflect the image of God and that when we objectify others as a gender, ethnicity, body part or nationality, we de-humanize them and "invite hell onto earth instead of heaven" as Mr. Bell would say. This book really made me think and gave me fantastic insight into Jewish customs and Biblical phrases.

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