The Purpose Driven Life - DVD Curriculum

There are few churches I know who have not gone through the 40 Days of Purpose from Saddleback Church & Rick Warren. When I was in Northern California doing student ministry, our church went through it. Now that exact program has been updated & put on DVD by Zondervan.
The format is the same - six sessions of teaching by Rick Warren where the participants read through The Purpose Driven Life & come together each week to discuss their purpose.
For the few people who have not read the book, the concept is simple. Dr. Warren asks the question, Why do you exist? Then, using Scripture & his teaching, shows the five biblical purposes for every persons life - worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, & evangelism. A session is dedicated to each of the five purposes & the first session deals with the question of "What on Earth Am I Here For?"
For those of you who have gone through the 40 days of Purpose, you may remember that the video sessions (in my opinion) were, let's just say, not top quality. I am very glad that Zondervan has redone the sessions & are quite professional. Rick Warren teaches in the same manner, but the atmosphere is much more inviting.
The content is still good & the overall objective is one that many of you have found to be helpful & I hope that now even more small groups can work through this idea of people finding their God-given purpose.

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