The Red Sea Rules

A couple of years ago, I was in a very dark, bad place, (mentally, emotionally and spiritually). My family has always been "book recommenders" and my mom gave me a copy of The Red Sea Rules. It took me a while to read it (not because it is long - its only 112 pages - but because I thought it would be trite & worthless).
I finally picked in up one afternoon & read through it. I was not changed, nor did my outlook get decidedly brighter, but it started me on the path out. The book does not make light of suffering nor does it dismiss it. It offers 10 strategies for dealing with the struggles & offers hope.
Robert Morgan writes about the Israelites struggles in crossing the Red Sea as they began their Exodus to the Promised Land. This is a quick read & the rules struck me to be very Psalm-like in the progression of crying out to God for help to eventually praising God at the end (even with no resolution). This book is a good one to give away to friends or family who are hurting or fighting despair.

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