You'll be sadly mistaken and/or disappoint if you think Stripped is just another book by a megachurch pastor who wants to share quick-fix formulas and bask in the success of his church.

When thinking of Las Vegas, Iselfishly morph into a Pharisee and am instantaneously repulsed by the decadence and glorification of sin. After all, Las Vegas is an American icon full of glitz and glam. Pleasure, money, sex, and another lucky roll of the dice dictates its reality. As Jonah did with the city of Nineveh, many have written the city off as evil and hopeless...but not Jud Wilhite. It is no longer "Sin City" to the senior pastor of Central Christian Church but is becoming Grace City because God's uncensored grace is radically changin lives in the painted desert.

Pastor Jud joins experienced journalist William Taffe to communicate the gripping stories of how God saves souls thought to be beyond rescuing. Raw, messy, and detailed stories of a flying Elvis impersonator, exotic dancers, a casino showgirl, a former "American Idol" semifinalist, a homeless crack addict, and others will soften the readers heart to believing that nobody is beyond God's uncensored grace. The personal accounts are undeniable and unforgettable reminders that Christ followers can't tip toe around Samaria and avoid "those kind of people" but need to walk through and reach out like Christ did.

Woven among the stories are the author's heartfelt and vulnerable thoughts...both uplifting and convicting. Not always black and white, per se.

The last few chapters retelling the story of Sergeant Henry Prendes and family captivates and brings Stripped to a convincing conclusion.

Don't hesitate to pick up a copy, read and then move beyond your comfort zone and out into your Samaria.

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