Author Profile: Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz, founder of AnGeL Ministries, has passionately proclaimed God’s Word to people around the world for over thirty years. Her gripping narratives and heart-touching teaching have inspired listeners in arenas and prison cells, stadiums and Bible studies, sanctuaries and seminaries, the United Nations and Amsterdam 2000. The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Billy Graham, Anne launched Just Give Me Jesus in the year 2000. Anne is an award-winning and best-selling author. Her nine books include her signature book Just Give Me Jesus and her most recent release I Saw The LORD. Anne and her husband, Dr. Dan Lotz, reside in North Carolina.

This past Friday, I saw Ms. Lotz on CNN on the Glenn Beck program (first time ever viewing the show) with a catholic theologian, and another author who has published scores of books, but because of his statements, I will not mention his name.
The topic was faith and forgiveness. I have not had too much exposure to Ms. Lotz, but she impressed me a great deal on this program. the catholic theologian was very dull and barely seemed awake, and the other author had some descent things to say, but he never referred to sin - he used the word "mistakes". I have to tell you, that really turned me off to him and made me a bit angry as well. Do not be afraid to call sin, sin!

Ms. Lotz was not afraid of using the word sin, or sinner or Jesus. She shared the gospel nearly every time she spoke (and not in a robotic, only using John 3.16 way). She called out the other two guests when they misspoke or didn't quite speak the entire story. Whoever was watching this program heard the gospel presented clearly & concisely.
Her books are very Jesus-focused & Dale Lewis has written a very good review of I Saw the Lord on this site earlier. She has also written My Heart's Cry and Heaven: My Father's House.

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