Epic Church Kit

I am a sucker for a good story. A few months ago, I was absolutely sucked into the world of Alagaësia by reading Eragon . This is a wonderfully told story (by a teenager, no less!) of adventure and mystery. Star Wars has did that to me as a little boy, The Lord of the Rings does that. The Chronicles of Narnia still draw me in, even though I have read them at least a dozen times each. Most of us love good stories.
John Eldredge believes that we are living in the middle of the great story, the story which all other stories are based upon. This story tells of love, evil, struggle and ultimately, redemption. God is telling this story and we find ourselves in the thick of it. The problem is that too often, we do not think of ourselves in the context of the larger story, we limit the story to our own tale.
The Epic Church Kit is a six week small group study that takes the participants through the greatest story told - the Gospel. It is an "Epic" story and we are part of it. Mr. Eldredge wants hearers to understand that we are emerged fully into that story & have a role to play. In the six sessions, the participants are further lead through the telling of the story by watching a live performance of Mr. Eldredge. Then there is a brief, deeper look at what that part of the story means by Mr. Eldredge. After this, participants dive into discussion of what they have just seen. The material and the questions both lend themselves to great discussion and interaction between participants.
I really feel that Epic is an important and well done study, however, I am a bit disappointed by the lack (in my opinion) of actual Bible study. Granted, the entire study is essentially about the Bible, but I would have hoped for more in depth look at the story. Maybe the point is to have people be so interested in the story that they are driven to it themselves, but the sessions were less Scripture text centered than I would have hoped. It is something that could definitely be weaved in by an experienced leader, but it would need to be added.

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