The Prayer of Our Lord

The Prayer of Our Lord is a short abridgment of Philip Graham Ryken's now out of print book, When You Pray. Dr. Ryken walks through Jesus' teaching on prayer from the Sermon on the Mount phrase by phrase, examining them each individually and in the broader context of the whole prayer.
I found this to be a great little devotional book for a few days and it also illuminated some aspects of prayer for me. The opening chapter, Dr. Ryken introduces "How to Pray", and points out that nowhere in the Lord's Prayer is the usage of "I", or "me". We pray for ourselves, but in the communal sense - as a Kingdom people. We should look closer than just the mere phraseology of the prayer, but look closer at the exact words which Jesus used. There is a reason Jesus used the specific words he did. Dr. Ryken examines the potential reasons behind those usages.
Dr. Ryken also discusses the similarities between the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments. Both are communal, both are centered on the Father's glory and are split up half and half God and communtiy.

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