Your Child - DVD

It is a good thing my wife & I got a dog 3 years ago. He is a little black dachshund named Zeus and somebody (I am not going to say who) spoils him rotten. Discipline was never consistent & he does not listen until the 8th time you tell him "no". (He really is a good dog, he just has a mind of his own).
Anyway, expecting the arrival of our first child, we definitely know some of what not to do, and we know the importance of good discipline and healthy boundaries, but we did not know where to being with them.

The Your Child: Essentials of Discipline video seminar was so helpful. I had originally reviewed it for work, to be familiar with it, but was so impressed with it, that I picked up the home edition and my wife and I went through it. The overall premise of the curriculum is to give parents principles to develop a successful game plan for raising their child - especially in the area of discipline.
Dr. James Dobson leads 12 sessions of about 20 minutes in various aspects of theory and practice of discipline. To spank or not to spank, if so when? How do you keep from blowing up in anger when you kids will not listen? What is the proper balance between love and discipline? When are your kids being defiant & when are they just being kids? Moving through stages of childhood (from birth to adolescence), Dr. Dobson address these and other questions.

I really cannot stress how helpful this has been to my wife & me. We used the home edition, but I would also recommend the main curriculum kit which is ideal for small groups and parenting Sunday school classes, or ABFs. In our small group, we have a couple new first-time parents and in the brief time we spend talking to one another, we pick up helpful hints and also see other perspectives that we may not have come across otherwise. This would be a great tool to use in a group and will spark discussion, stimulate thinking and overall, will be very helpful.

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