Author Profile: Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith is a pastor in south Minneapolis who I have lately really come to respect and I regularly listen to the podcast of his church, Sanctuary Covenant. He and the leaders of Sanctuary have been speaking most recently on covenant. Pastor Smith got so into his sermon one week - Covenant and Money - that he broke out into a two part sub-series on money. I love it when churches talk about money when they are not doing a building campaign or such.
Pastor Smith has spoken at many conferences and has written two books. I first came across him when my wife and I were looking at a magazine which promoted a conference he was going to be speaking at. She thought he had a cool name & I looked him up and saw that he was right here in Minneapolis. I listen every week to the church's podcast and highly recommend him, but in speaking and writing. His two books are Raising Up Young Heroes, and The Hip-Hop Church. To get a quick glimpse of Pastor Smith and his teaching, check out this video of him on

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