The Incomparable Christ

I was looking for the book, The Cross of Christ, by John Stott & came across The Incomparable Christ, also by Dr. Stott. The Cross of Christ was not in stock (so I ordered it) by while I waited for that, I read The Incomparable Christ. Many books have been written on what the New Testament has to say about Jesus, about what church history has to say about Jesus, and what Jesus wants for us today. In this volume, Dr. Stott surveys all three of those areas (he breaks up church history into two segments - general thought about Jesus & how Jesus inspired historical people).
Most surveys are basic overviews, tying the pieces together without going into too much detail and helping solidify the basics to people. That is not what this volume does. Although it is a survey, Dr. Stott digs into the books of the New Testament and gives concise vignettes of many well known and obscure figures in church history (from Martin Luther to Ernst Renan).
The thought of the historical figures were very interesting, but I found the analysis of the individual gospels to be the most helpful to me personally. (This may be old insight to you), but tying together the miracles of Jesus to the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John was a new, fresh insight for me (I am the Bread of Life -- feeding of the 5000).
Honestly, I did get a bit bogged done in the section on Paul's letters, but I still found the insight to be compelling. The last section of the book, Dr. Stott really dives into the book of Revelation and expounds on ten visions of John about Jesus and how Jesus challenges us today.

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