The Top Five....Books on the Trinity

Last week I mentioned that I picked Dr. Greg Strand's brain for his top books in three subjects: Scripture, Trinity and Atonement. Last Friday, I gave you his top books on Scripture, today is the list on the best books on the Trinity (and only one is out of print!). Look next Friday for his best books on the Atonement.

God the Holy Trinity, Timothy George
God the Holy Trinity brings together leading scholars from diverse theological perspectives to reflect on various theological and practical aspects of the core Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Throughout, the contributors highlight the trinitarian shape of spiritual formation. The esteemed lineup of contributors includes Alister E. McGrath; Gerald L. Bray; James Earl Massey; Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.; Frederica Mathewes-Green; J. I. Packer; Timothy George; Ellen T. Charry; and Cornelius Plantinga Jr. This book will appeal to students, church leaders, and interested laity.

The Holy Trinity: Reflections on Christian Faith and Practice, Robert Letham
When it comes to the doctrine of the Trinity, evangelicals have underachieved. In The Holy Trinity Robert Letham helps to redress this shortcoming. He offers a well-researched volume about “the One who is utterly transcendent and incomprehensible.” After examining the doctrine’s biblical foundations, the author traces its historical development through the twentieth century, and engages four critical issues: the Trinity and (1) the incarnation, (2) worship and prayer, (3) creation and missions, and (4) persons

Our Triune God, Peter Toon
Who is the God of the Bible? From both within the church and outside her walls the orthodox doctrine of the Holy Trinity, declared in Scripture and passed down in ecumenical creeds and local confessions of faith, is under attack. The emerging absence of a Trinitarian mind-set so prevalent in the church today has enormous implications for the future of the Christian faith. Concerned to counter contemporary attacks on the doctrine of God, Peter Toon here demonstrates the existence and priority of a Trinitarian pattern in Scripture and defends the essential role of the Trinity in Christian belief, faith, and practice.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles and Relevance, Bruce Ware
Bruce Ware provides an approachable examination of the doctrine of the Trinity. He discusses the relationship and roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the practical implications of the Trinity for our lives.

God in Three Persons, Millard Erickson (Out of Print - links to used copies)
This contemporary approach to basic doctrine offers a crucial tool for students who want comprehensive, consistent, logical theology. God in Three Persons will enhance undergraduate theological courses and has applications for graduate systematics and historical theology study. Erickson surveys the background for today's debate, showing that modern controversies simply rephrase old arguments. At its core this book is a close study of Scripture, especially the key teachings of John's Gospel. Erickson also considers whether belief in the Trinity is requisite to salvation, whether it makes any practical difference in the Christian worldview, and whether it is logical and intelligible. The book's contemporary statement of the Trinity doctrine sets forth and applies all biblical evidence to Christianity at large and worship and prayer in particular.

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