The Way of the Master

I recently viewed The Way of the Master basic training course. In this course, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron propose to train participants to "seek and save the lost the way Jesus did." Their approach is an in your face, "where would you go if you die?", street preacher approach.
Growing up, I went to a Christian school which was affiliated with Bob Jones University. I went out on Wednesday nights before Wednesday church through neighborhoods witnessing door-to-door. We would pass out tracks, ask the "where would you go if you die?" questions, and generally annoy people who had just gotten home from work.
So you see that I have some baggage with this approach. I will admit that I think some people are suited for this approach, and that some people do in fact come to know Jesus this way. I am not suited for this approach (I learned that when I reviewed the Becoming a Contagious Christian curricula a few weeks ago here).
My issue with The Way of the Master curriculum is that Cameron and Comfort feel this is the only way (at least that is how it comes across)to evangelize, and that if you try friendship evangelism, you are not really being a friend. I disagree. These guys just come across as arrogant and condescending. (See below, The Atheists Nightmare).

I applaud their passion for people and wants to lead people to Jesus, but cannot recommend this curriculum. You can find out more on their website, The Way of the Master.

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