Going Public with Your Faith

The United States is the third largest unreached nation in the world (according to Focus on the Family). Too often, we as Christians are waiting for the lost to wander into our churches. Bill Peel and Walt Larimore say that Christ never called Christians to bring Christ to people, but bring people to Christ.
Where do most people have the most interaction with lost people? The workplace. Going Public with Your Faith is a six-week study in helping ordinary believers bring Jesus to their co-workers. Mr. Peel and Mr. Larimore feel that people are fearful of evangelism because they think they must do the work themselves, that the only way sharing their faith "counts" is if the "target" prays a prayer at the end.
That is not what Jesus calls us to, say Larimore and Peel. That kind of thinking puts the emphasis on us, not on the work the Spirit does. All we are told to do is bring Jesus to people. God does the converting - not us.
One of the great examples Peel and Larimore give is setting people up on a date. If you were to introduce two people to one another, you wouldn't tell them that you think that they will have a lot in common, that they would get along great and that they should get married. They want to spend time with one another, find out more about each other.
In the same way you do not just throw Jesus in people's faces and say, commit your life to him, make him Lord of your life, on first introduction. They need to know why they just must get to know Jesus.
This is a good study, one that specifically deals with workplace evangelism. However, if you want to go through the best evangelism study, I would suggest Just Walk Across the Room. Many of the principles are the same, and it deals with a broader audience.

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