36 Parables

36 Parables are retellings of the parables of Jesus. On each DVD comes 3 different parables presented with up-to-date stories. They are between 3 and 12 minutes long and are quite visually stimulating. And although they do not come with any Bible study in the packaging, there are free studies available for download on their site,
I contacted one of the creators of these short films to find out if we could carry them and make them available. He was one of two guys who started with a dream to produce films of Jesus' parables and they have been able to produce 9 of them so far.
The thing I appreciate about these films is the perspective they offer. I have heard people retell some of the parables, but only updating certain aspects - The Good Samaritan is a black man helping a klan member. There are a few like that in 36 Parables, but they also offer completely different stories to illustrate the same point.
In the film, a few weeks later, from the Cyan disc, they tell the story of the parable of the rich fool. When I first watched it, I was completely lost. I thought that I was thinking of a different parable of the rich fool. But then I went to the website and downloaded the Bible study for it. This film tells the story of the aftermath of the rich fool (literally "a few weeks later" after her life was accounted for).
I am pretty excited about these films. Below I have embedded one of the funnier ones I found on Google Videos. For more information, visit

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