The Expectant Father

This morning, my wife and I will be going into the hospital so she can be induced. This will be our first child and I'll tell you that my wife is petrified. Well, for Christmas, my sister-in-law bought me the book, The Expectant Father. I have found it relatively helpful. Each chapter goes through a month of the pregnancy and the last few chapters deal with the labor, delivery and first week or so at home.
The author tells you what most likely is going on with your wife, what is going on with your baby and what feelings you may be having. He then delves into the different aspects a father needs think about, from finances, support for your wife and education.
This is a helpful book for general issues, but I would not recommend it as an end-all. It has no mention of the spiritual side of fatherhood, nor of the fact that you cannot be a good parent if you are not a good husband first.
Anywho, I will be taking a break for a bit, having more diapers in my hands that books, so keep reading and I'll be back in a few weeks.

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