RZIM Critical Questions Discussion Guides

"There are so many answers out there and a question to every answer. To ask them is to engage with information. To ask questions about life ultimate questions is to be in the pursuit of God. That's what this series is about: to take you to the heart and mind of God., which is the right destination."
- Ravi Zacharias, Series Editor, RZIM Critical Questions Series

This series is a Bible study series that dives deep into the important questions of life. It will help you shape and/or hone your worldview more in tune with Scripture. Everyday, we see answers to the questions asked in this series:
Who Was Jesus?
Can I Trust the Bible?
What is Truth?
Is God Real?

Television, movies, music and people all relay their answers to these questions. We are able to filter some of what the world tells us, but unless we are spending more time with Truth than with the lie, our values will falter. This series is one way to interact and be engaged with Scriptural teaching on these important worldview questions.
Scot McKnight discusses who Jesus was (and is) by looking at Jesus himself and those closest to him. Darrell Bock believes that we can take a journey back into seemingly foreign, ancient times and see more clearly who we are and who we were created to be, by trusting Scripture. Why is truth objective and relativism unlivable? Paul Copan and Mark Linville explore that in What is Truth? Examine a number of reasons why we can confidently believe that God exists and that he is knowable in William Lane Craig & Charles Taliaferro's, Is God Real?
I think that this series will be one of great help to those in the church struggling with conflicting answers to these questions as well as people who are in contact with friends, family and co-workers with no sense of direction and being blown like chaff in the wind.

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