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I've noticed in a few books and resources that I have perused that the authors and publishers feel that only women care about personal spiritual growth, parenting, marriage and church. Many of the books on parenting I have read include one chapter for fathers - the one on sex after baby arrives. And the books on marriage try to dumb down concepts and treat men like dense large children. Even a few Bible studies and small group materials geared toward either or both genders could only really be interesting to women.
Do not take me for some kind of macho kind of guy. I like Mark Driscoll and all, but I am not into ultimate fighting, football and beer. But maybe one of the reasons "Why Men Hate Going to Church", is that much of the material produced is way to effeminate.
This is what I found with Standard Publishing's Faith Cafe. It is quite feeling oriented. After participants "welcome God to the 'cafe' of their inner lives, the very first exercise of the first lesson is to write down your inner desires for only God to see. Practices for the week after the meeting are to "email someone who feels alone, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that God loves you. Repeat the phrase seven times."
The curriculum has 13 episodes which divide up into topics of ourselves, God and our world. 10 of the 13 episodes have corresponding video segments, which frankly are mediocre at best. They showcase musicians, interviews and a one man skit show.
I would maybe use this for a women's Bible study, but even so, it seems pretty self-help-ish. Don't get me wrong, there is much interaction with Scripture, but the sessions all seem to try to inspire the participants more than help them dig deeper into the Bible to apply it.

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