LIQUID - Crossing and Fork in the Road

Mariner's Church has recently partnered with Thomas Nelson and published 4 DVD Bible Study curricula. Each DVD has five episodes which go through a segment of Scripture. Crossing has five episodes on the book of Joshua, and Fork in the Road presents five episodes on the life of David.

The booklet which comes with every DVD has study questions for each episode as well as a leader's guide. The introduction describes Liquid this way:

"For too long, we have looked at God's Word and wondered how it could possibly impact our lives. It's one thing to simply read the Bible. It's something different altogether to understand it. Far too often we read these stories about people in an ancient land, and we're left feeling flat. 'What's this got to do with me?' We know in our hearts that what we're reading is true, right, and good, but we can't see any real way to apply it. That's where LIQUID comes in. LIQUID presents true-to-life stories of characters with real problems. Because what's the point in putting together a study of God's Word that doesn't deal with any of the issues we actually face? Along with each chapter in this book is a film, filled with characters that live in our world - the real world. Yet their problems and struggles mirror the same struggles found in the stories in the Bible."

It seems as if this is a version of nooma, only shorter, with an actual Bible study guide, and more expository. The episodes are about 5-7 minutes long and present dual stories of the teacher (one of 4 or 5 pastors at Mariners) and a related story which corresponds to the Bible passage the Mariners pastor is speaking to.

I was quite disappointed with the first episode I saw, but thought that I should watch more to get a fair idea about it. The Crossing DVD (the story of Joshua) I felt was much less dynamic and intertwined than Fork in the Road (the life of David). I would say that this series is a good resource to have around, and one especially suited for people in their twenties and thirties.

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