Faith Under Fire

From October 2004-June 2005, Lee Strobel hosted a CNN news talk type TV program entitled Faith Under Fire. He, along with Gary Poole and Zondervan have put together four, four-session DVD's with talks and debates from that original television show. I recently reviewed the second in the series, Faith & Facts. In this study, groups will go through the histoic reliability of the Bible, heaven, hell and the science of creation.

A mission statement for these studies might be a question - "Does the Christian faith stand up to tough scrutiny?" The topics are not debated against a straw man or even decided conclusively at the end of each session. There are two sides presented on an issue, done by people very knowledgeable in their field, who generally disagree with one another, but civilly promoting their viewpoint. At the conclusion of the video segment, Lee Strobel offers his viewpoint on the matter, but ultimately, the final decision of what to believe lies in the hands of the participant.

The videos are spaced out in-between various participant discussion times, with open-ended questions for groups to dig into the heart of the matter at hand, provided in the participants guide.

This is not a Bible study, per se, but a topical discussion meant to get participants talking about what they think about these subjects. Groups will interact with Scripture, theologians, non-Christian thinkers and one another. The DVD does most of the work, so leader's need not be worried about having answers to these subjects. They serve are facilitators who welcome all thoughts and guide the discussion.

Below is a video sample from Zondervan for this series.

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