On Demand Bible Studies

Bob Russell is the Senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church and has teamed with Standard publishing to produced a DVD Bible study series called On Demand Bible Studies. The first four available go through the book of Genesis and are geared toward new believers. Each 2 disc DVD has six lessons and are about 25 to 30 minutes each of video time. The individual studies themselves are designed to last anywhere from 60 to 75 minutes, with videos and discussion time.
Pastor Russell takes the passages verse-by-verse hoping to make them easily understandable for those who do not know the Bible yet. He sets out as one of his goals to help participants more familiar with handling the Scriptures.
Included in the DVD case is a insert which has discussion questions for each session on it, and the questions also come up on screen at the appropriate time in the session, with a pause for discussion. The questions are meant to spark discussion and delve into participants thoughts and personal interest, rather than focusing on their Bible knowledge (or lack thereof for many young Christians).
The teaching time is basic and not flashy, but quality and biblical. Pastor Russell is sitting in a study-type room talking very conversationally and has his son read the appropriate Scriptures aloud (the words are not on screen, in hopes of getting participants to bring their own copy of the Bible and become familiar with it).
This is a good option for small groups, Sunday School or ABF's. There is little to no prep time necessary and the facilitator need not be a teacher, only comfortable enough to guide comments during the discussion time.
Participant guides are only available from his ministry website here. But if it were me using this study, I would not get them.

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