The Myth of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness in America has become a national pastime . . . a dead-end obsession for satisfaction and fulfillment. In a world so consumed with want, how can we fill our lives with true joy?

In The Myth of Happiness, software engineer turned author Rich Wagner helps dissipate our misunderstandings while revealing the true nature of biblical joy. Besides answering what joy is and isn't, he honestly confronts tough questions like “how can we experience it daily?” and “can we experience joy while battling fear and uncertainty?”

When I think about joy, I’m reminded of a Sunday school chorus like “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy down in my Heart,” the classic hymn “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” or the ever popular “Jesus first; Others second; and Yourself last.” We talk of joy like we know what it's about, but our lives spotlight discontentment, envy and unhappiness. Sadly, we just don’t get it! Wagner helps the Christ-follower to understand the unquenchable joy Christ promises.

He describes joy as "the nature of God pumped through our bloodstream" and states that "The problem with happiness becomes one of attitude and priority not of avoidance."

With where I’m at in my faith-walk, chapter 8 “Driven by Purpose” was revealing and convicting especially the section “The Unpurposed Life.” I don’t want to settle for the cheap substitute of happiness when biblical joy transforms and sustains.

This book will be one of the chosen few I’ll be giving as Christmas gifts this year. Its message of discovering a joy you never thought possible is clearly presented and needs to be heard.

Keep writing Mr. Wagner!

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