Will I Read That Again?

One of my favorite websites is The Simple Dollar. It is primarily a site with sound financial advice, but it also offers a whole host of different ideas on living simply. This is a concept which I have really taken interest in. One suggestion I took from a Simple Dollar post was to go into a room and find items that you have not used in the last 6 months and sell or donate them. Other than digital music and Chicago Cubs memorabilia, the only thing I collect is books. Many times my wife has asked me before I buy a book, "but don't you have a bunch that you haven't read on your shelf?" I used to answer that it was true, but I would get to them all.
I decided that I would scale down my book collection, radically. I sold all books that I could find at the local library, or which are public domain online. Next, I went through and pulled the books which I had read, or partially read, that I would not read again. Finally I went through and honestly asked of books I hadn't yet read, if I would.
Well, I wanted to whittle down to one book shelf and I was able to do so. I took about fifteen boxes over to half-price books and I have saved the rest for the next time i go to Grand Rapids. The Baker Book House buys used books and they are better suited for the ones I have kept.
Anywho, what did I keep and why? I kept all my NIV Application Commentaries for the OT (I have the NT on CD-ROM), many of the books on marriage I have (including all books by Les and Leslie Parrott), as well as many of the parenting books I have picked up over the past few months.
I would be remiss if I rid myself of C.S. Lewis, so I kept every book of his I own, as well Lilith and Phantasies, two books of George MacDonald which greatly inspired Lewis.
I will list some of the books I kept which I have yet to read in a future post, but I wanted to talk about a couple I kept - ones I have read multiple times and will read again multiple times.
  • Leap Over a Wall, by Eugene Peterson. I have talked about this book before on this site, here, and again, I really enjoy this book. I think that anyone would do well to read this, whether you are a pastor, new believer, or somewhere in between.
  • The Jesus Way, by Eugene Peterson. I have actually kept all three of the books from what is promised to be a five volume set. Look for my review of this book on this site, here.
  • Searching for God Knows What, by Donald Miller. I drank this book up when I first read it. Most people talk about Blue Like Jazz, but I found this book to be Mr. Miller's best.
  • Money, Possessions and Eternity, by Randy Alcorn. This book changed my thinking in the realm of finances. I dare you to read this book and not re-evaluate how you look at money and possessions. Check out my review of this book here.
  • The Signature of Jesus, by Brennan Manning. I first read this book in high school. A great read and one that needs more than a blurb regarding it. In the future, I will write up a full review.
  • Knowing God, by J.I. Packer. A classic that many have read, and those who have not, should.

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