primal by mark batterson

i have been a fan of mark batterson's since i read in a pit with a lion on a snowy day. that remains one of my favorite all time books. i have followed batterson's ministry, listening to podcast's reading his blog and following him on twitter. i even had the great opportunity to interview on the phone once regarding in a pit with a lion on a snowy day.
primal is his newest book and it touches a topic that every believer needs to hear. the problem is that it is an idea that each christian knows and has just become white noise. batterson is calling us to uncomplicate our faith and strip it away to it's core, it's essence. the soul of christianity, batterson says, is the great commandment - love God with all you heart and love others as you love yourself.
batterson is saying nothing new with this, but it is something that we all need a refresher on. christians are labeled as uncaring, unloving, and uncompassionate. these are the exact opposite of what we are called to be.
a sad instance of this in my life is that one night i had sat down to read primal and my wife said something to me i didn't particularly like, so i responded with a biting comment. i opened up the book and read these words, "but just as you are responsible for your actions, no matter how right or wrong they are, you are responsible for your reactions. and compassion is always the right reaction."
throughout the book batterson offers insightful stories and thoughts. primal is a book that is needed now and one that any believer would do well to read.

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