I Still Believe

Have you ever wondered what makes the faith we love so hard for others to accept? Why can’t they just receive it like we did? There are many in this world who find all or parts of Christianity hard to swallow. Kurt Bruner’s newest book, “I Still Believe,” gives the reader a chance to listen to unbelievers—to see Christianity’s through the eyes of those who reject its message.
I like Bruner’s approach because he’s not afraid to tackle the questions he cannot completely answer because he is finite, like the rest of us! It is not “knee-deep” in theology, nor does it contain pages of “over-your-head” hermeneutics . . . these are simply conversations with a diverse group of unbelievers— from the disillusioned to the seeker, from the heckler to the rebel.
The author is not on the defensive, the “us vs. them” mindset, as he listens (like Jesus would), to all of their stories — taking their struggles seriously and recording them accurately. His premise is that a solid faith should not always accept easy answers.
In the end, in spite of their best arguments, Christ-followers should be able to more confidently declare, "I Still Believe!" His use of Bumper Sticker slogans like “I’ve got nothing against God. It’s His fan club I can’t stand” help set up his easy-to-read chapters. The “Hard To Swallow” summary statements are to the point and easy to remember. Here are a few examples: “Christianity is mindless dogma, Christians seem too certain, and God calls fun evil.”
I will continue to read Kurt because of the transparent honesty in his writing as well as how he deals with Christianity’s difficult issues.

This review was submitted by Dale Lewis who works at the EFCA & attends Hope Church in Oakdale, MN.

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