Hope in the Dark

This photo journal is a great book with wonderful thoughts, sayings, and engaging photographs of people, places and things in the continent of Africa. Jena Lee, director of Blood:Water Mission and Jeremy Cowart, a very talented photo journalist, travel to Africa and Hope in the Dark is the outgrowth of that trip.
Ms. Lee writes many of her thoughts as well as sayings from the people themselves which they met. One of the most poignant thoughts Ms. Lee shared was this:

*****Decisions I must make on any given day:
- blue shirt or pink cardigan?
- tall soy chai latte or grande caramel macchiato?
- text message or call?
- eat out or frozen dinner?
- reality television or headline news?

*****Decisions SHE must make on any given day (opposite page shows an African woman)
- blue dress or blue dress?
- river water or puddle water?
- walk once for four hours to get water or walk twice for eight hours to get more water?
- sleep with the fisherman who will give food in return or let orphaned grandchildren go to bed hungry?
- persist through the struggle or give up?
- curse God or praise him?

This is a beautiful, touching and inspiring book. Africa is a bleak place, but the people there have much hope. This book will offer you that same hope and inspire you to give hope to people who have none.

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