The Moms on Call Guide to Basic Baby Care

When my wife and I brought our little Jack home 3 weeks ago, we did what I expect most new parents do. We looked at one another and questioned the wisdom of the hospital in letting two people with less knowledge take home a little person completely unable to take care of themselves.
Luckily, people with experience have written books and produced materials for the rest of us, who haven't a clue. Well, the self-proclaimed "moms on call" have eight children between them and have written a very helpful book for parents of children 6 months and under, Guide to Basic Baby Care. Also included in the book is a DVD which demonstrates many of the daily and routine baby necessities (such as nail clipping, bathing, and swaddling).
The book is really a handy reference manual to have. It is not a book you would sit down with and read straight through, like some baby care books. It is sectioned off for quite and handy reference when you find yourself in a situation when your child may be projectile vomiting or is scratching his eyes out with his nails that grow like weeds.
Another helpful section in the book is the last section on medical professionals. What to expect at the hospital, a who's who of staff, and insurance. This is a helpful book, and one I would recommend. Also helpful is their website,

Other Books on this Subject:
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You Baby's First Year Week-by-Week (we found this book the most helpful of all)

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